Born 19 February 1943 in the village of Malomir, Yambol region, Bulgaria. Graduates the Academy of Fine Arts in 1970. Specialises in Illustration under the supervision of prof. Peter Chuklev. His works include oil paintings, engravings, watercolours and illustrations. He is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts.
Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“Ivan Dimov comes from a small village called Malomir. But it must have appeared enormous in the eyes of this little Tracian boy so that, on becoming a painter, year after year, he paints his memories of the village with love and nostalgia, again and again. At the same time, Ivan Dimov’s engravings and oil paintings escape the detailed naturalistic recreation of its landscape and everyday domestic activities: everything is blurred by a colourful haze sprinkled with bright spots from which loom the outlines of cart wheels, horses, storks, devils, a kid leaning out of a window, wrinkled peasants with tilted caps, grandfathers and grandmothers. 

Human figures, both static and moving, appear as though painted from photographs (and most probably it all started with some photographs) but, strangely enough, there is no clash between the uncompromising sharpness of the photographic image and the subdued vagueness of what appears on the paintings. On the contrary, it is out of the contrast between these two that the fascinating poetics of the memory is born! 
 And this is what makes the impression even more convincing as it reflects the way our memory works: sometimes through clear distinct images and sometimes through the general atmosphere of the experienced event. At times the play of colourful spots takes the upper hand over precise memories and hides them away, making them more difficult to follow.  But I say ‘hide away’ because I am convinced that behind the haze there are again the same cart wheels, donkeys and village roofs; they are right where they were, just hidden away behind an orange-red or grey-green harmony. And I know that because I believe in the sincerity of this painter, a quality which places him among the great artists of our time.” 

Valery Petrov 


“Ivan Dimov’s world floats around us like a cloud of insects, like beetles and butterflies or dandelions blown by the wind. Sometimes that could be a stork standing on one foot, a red apple, a fish, a child, a chair, the window of a small village house: all of them carefully gathered by the painter and touched very lightly, even cautiously, by his brush so as not to be harmed or destroyed.

Ivan Dimov could be a painter of the dust particles. He looks at the dust particles floating in the air and marks them with his brush to endow them with more sparkle, vividness and meaning. A child play that the painter has gradually transformed into a game for adults. And if we cannot play this game ourselves, we can at least look at it from aside and enjoy it.”

Yordan Radichkov

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